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Dear Vegan-in-Waiting,

Can you relate to this?

“I could never be vegan because I could never give up cheese!”

Maybe for you it’s butter or ice cream.

I hear this kind of thing all the time from clients.

But still, even with these doubts, you feel that deep desire to make a change.

Maybe you’re vegetarian and just don’t know how to make that final push, once and for all.

Or maybe you’ve tried making the switch to a vegan diet only to…

  • find you don’t know what to eat aside from salad
  • long for your comfort foods
  • become overwhelmed with learning about new foods and ingredients
  • find dairy foods creeping back into your meals
  • deprive yourself of eating out with friends
  • feel hungry, hangry, and frustrated

Guess what? That is completely normal!

It’s hard to jump into change, especially one around food.

What we eat, when we eat, how we eat, and why we eat is part of the rhythm and balance in our lives.

It’s important to us!

Like any successful transformation, changing the food you make and eat takes learning, planning, preparation, and patience.


Listen, if you’re like me and my family, you may have needed a health scare to really motivate you to go for it.

Whether it’s a doctor’s diagnosis-meets-wake-up call…

Or close family member with a hereditary disease that you’d like to stop in its track…

Now and forever, this is the time to create your solution.

The good news is it’s never been easier to adopt a vegan way of eating.

Believe me, I’ve raised a vegan family for more than 6 years in a small, rural community.

I can help you make the transition to a vegan diet in a way that sets you up for success, makes you even healthier, and allows you to make this totally doable and a long-term lifestyle change for the better.


Hello! I’m Kristin Kulow. I’m a former butter lover, still a picky eater (just because I’m vegan, doesn’t mean I love kale), mom, wife, and kitty foster, who works full-time and volunteers a lot of hours.

I know what it’s like to transition kids to a vegan diet, feel the time crunch of getting a healthy dinner on the table while juggling work, school, and other commitments, and maintain our veganism while interacting with the world at large.

I’ve done the research, made the blunders, and had my fair share of cereal-for-dinner saves.

That’s why I have developed a program that hits on those tough spots and common obstacles that keep women from being able to say with a clear conscience, full belly, and happy heart, “I am vegan!”

I’m here to guide you through the process of embracing a vegan diet in a way that leaves you confident, accomplished, and satisfied.

You can live in integrity knowing you are eating in a way that is good for you, the planet, and is healthy and delicious.


If you are ready to feel good about what (not who) you eat, take control of your health, and make an actual lifestyle change, then let’s talk.

Let’s start with a complimentary 45-minute breakthrough session so I can learn more about your struggles with maintaining a vegan diet and see if I can be of help.

If I think we’re a good fit, then I’ll answer all your questions about what it would look like working together. Book your Breakthrough Session to get started.

I look forward to talking with you!




Kristin Kulow, Showing Women and Their Families How to Be Healthy Vegans (Even if they love cheese!) | Working locally and internationally from Oneonta, NY. | Contact Kristin here.

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