My Approach

How do I help families take charge of a health scare the vegan way?

How do I help you eat with a clear conscience, full belly, and happy heart?

Here’s my approach to coaching you to find an enjoyable, effective, and sustainable way of eating and living vegan…

I see this as a LIFEstyle change. Drawing on my expertise as a Wellness Coach, I know change in “just one” area of our lives is a myth. Any change you make has ripple effects across all areas of your life. You may want to separate and compartmentalize your life (e.g., work life, home life, what you do for pleasure, what you eat, your sleep routine), but they are all one thing: your life. I look at the big picture when creating change because that change will permeate throughout your entire day, week, month, year…life.

Each Program Is Customized To Your Needs. No two people are living the same life, have the exact same demands on their time, responsibilities, likes, and dislikes. In order for a lifestyle change to stick, it has to be about YOUR lifestyle. I meet you where you are and we work together to get you where you need to be that’s successful for you.

I Don’t Just Hand You Solutions. Handing you a solution isn’t going to serve you well when life suddenly isn’t the same as it was before. Together, we are going to work on problem-solving in ways that you can apply again and again to new problems. I want you to have the confidence, resources, and know-how to continue to be successful no matter what new challenges arise.
Here are some examples of the types of milestones you can expect to achieve in our work together:

  • A vegan kitchen stocked to fully support your new, healthy way of eating
  • Comfort and familiarity around new foods, new ingredients, and labels
  • Skill in new cooking techniques for meals that taste great, satisfy, and fit your lifestyle
  • Knowledge of resources from where to shop to where to find recipes
  • Confidence in maintaining your vegan lifestyle no matter where life takes you

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Kristin Kulow, Showing Women and Their Families How to Be Healthy Vegans (Even if they love cheese!) | Working locally and internationally from Oneonta, NY. | Contact Kristin here.


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